About CapChurch

Capilano Christian Community is a gathering of people who long to follow Christ with passion and to embrace our neighbour with compassion. We are committed to becoming more like Jesus as individuals and as a gathered church. We seek to ‘reflect the Lord’s glory’ wherever He calls us to serve: in our North Shore neighbourhoods, in our homes and in our workplaces.

CapChurch Values & Beliefs

The biblical priorities discussed here are the foundational values upon which CapChurch is built. These values function much like the internal structure of a building; while not necessarily visible from the outside, they determine the shape and character of church life. Ministries and programs arise out of such priorities, so by articulating them we are, in a sense, writing our history in advance.

Our statement of belief expresses our unity with every church that serves Jesus Christ and acknowledges the authority of the Scriptures. Capilano Christian Community, while being inter-denominational, is not an independent church. We recognize our dependency on Jesus Christ and our interdependency with all Christian fellowships in our Lower Mainland area. We participate in co-operation with all North Shore churches and our pastors meet often to pray and participate in the sovereign working of God in our area…read more

CapChurch Values & Beliefs

Pastoral & Ministry Team

Kim Pierrot
Lead Pastor

John Colpitts
Integration Pastor

Rod WilsonTeaching Pastor

CapChurch Values & Beliefs

Ministry Leaders, Associates, Hospitality, Service & Stewardship

Ali Nichols
CapKids Coordinator

Katrina Nadworny
CapKids Assistant

Isa Purcell
Youth Ministry Associate

Shaun Huberts
Youth Ministry Associate

Suzanne Paterson
Sunday Hospitality

Cathy Adams

Cap Leadership Teams

People matter at CapChurch. Our community has a long history of believing that relationships are primary, and trust is essential. Systems cannot replace relationships, and structures are not a substitute for trust. Because of this, our governance structures are simple, defined more by personhood and plurality than by power or position.

Leadership Circle

At Cap, the task of leading the church is shared between two groups of people. Firstly, Cap Elders have a dual role: they “oversee” the church and the Lead Pastor, and they also “come under” them through prayer and care. Secondly, the Pastoral Team are the ones responsible for the care and leadership of the church on a day-to-day basis. The Lead Pastor also serves as an elder, and leads the Pastoral Team.

Several times a year, both these leadership groups meet together to discern and assess the ongoing mission and vision of our church.

For more information about who these teams are and what they do, see here

Ministry Leaders

However, leadership does not come exclusively from the Elders or the Pastoral Team, nor are they the only ones doing “ministry!” There are many outside of our core Leadership Circle who form part of our overall Leadership Team at CapChurch. They serve in ministries such as finance, worship leading, missions and in various support roles that are essential for the functioning of the church.

The leadership team at CapChurch is:

Pastoral Team
Kim Pierrot | lead pastor
John Colpitts | integration pastor
Rod Wilson | teaching pastor

Staff Team 
Janine Coxford | youth ministry lead
Isa Purcell | youth ministry associate
Shaun Huberts | youth ministry associate
Ali Nichols | capkids director
Katrina Nadworny | capkids associate
Suzanne Patterson | sunday hospitality
Cathy Adams | bookkeeper

Jake Penner | elder emeritus
Brian Dean | elder, chair
Lynne Smith | elder
Andrea Smith | elder
Dan Thomson | elder
David Zimmerman | elder

Lay Leaders
Bryson Milley | finance chair
Andrew Chong, Becca Birkner| worship music coordinators

CapChurch History

Capilano Christian Community – aka Cap began in 1974 with Bob Roxburgh (from Killarney Park Mennonite Brethren) as pastor with 4 elders and 23 members. The early church was characterized by informality in our services, relational intimacy between people and with God, honest sharing and authentic response to needs…read more

Kim Pierrot - Pastor

John Colpitts - Youth Minister

Rod Wilson - Teaching Associate

Allison Grice - Capkids Program Director

Isa Purcell - Youth Associate

My story… coming soon 🙂


Katrina Nadworny - CapKids Assistan

Suzanne Paterson - Sunday Morning Coordinator

Lynda Shaw - Assistant to Pastoral Team

Shaun Huberts - Youth Associate

My story coming soon…

Cathy Adams - Bookkeeper