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Jesus’ Dying Wish

May 13, 2018 – Jamie Munday

Our 6-week “Church United” series flows out of one of the values statement on Cap’s website: [Christian] brothers and sisters are never our enemies, neither is another church. We will love what Jesus loves: the whole church. And we will seek creative ways to participate with others in God’s Kingdom.” In the next six weeks, we will hear again God’s call to unity through scripture, and also through interviews with four different pastors from the North Shore. As we hear from each of these exceptional, faithful pastors, we will have the opportunity not just to learn about what God is doing in other churches, but also to bless them, and to imagine together what it might look like for a “United Church” to work together for the sake of God’s Kingdom.

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“Telling The Story”

May 6, 2018 – Kim Pierrot & Community

This Sunday is the wrap-up of Rod’s foundational sermon series “Three Strange Words: Sin, Salvation, Shalom.” In this inter-generational service, we will retell the story of God’s amazing story of shalom, reflect back on the story, and also enjoy the work of several talented artists in our midst who have created art pieces in response to what they have heard over the last many weeks.

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Breakfast on the Beach with Jesus

April 8, 2018 – Kim Pierrot

In a personal encounter with the risen Jesus that has echoes of many others, Peter comes face to face with forgiveness, his abiding love for his Master, and the renewed call to follow Jesus. As with Peter, so with us—failure is the backdrop to the story, love is the central qualification for following, and surrender is the path that leads us forward.

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The Day God Fooled Us All

April 1, 2018 – Kim Pierrot

Good one, Jesus! Best April fools’ joke ever. Mary thought you were dead and she was looking for your body. Instead, you appeared to her and she thought you were the gardener! What? The gardener?! It wasn’t until you called her name that she saw you, really saw you. And heard you, really heard you. And then she knew. You weren’t the gardener. You were her Master! And you weren’t dead. You were very much alive, risen from the dead and standing before her with love in your voice and a twinkle in your eye. This Resurrection Sunday, may we see you, may we hear you and may we be once again surprised by the deeply good news that in all our places of pain and death, you are there—sometimes hidden—but always there—bringing resurrection life.

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Jesus Washes His Disciples Feet

March 25, 2018 – Jamie Munday

On Thursday night of what we call “Holy Week” Jesus arranged for a final gathering with his beloved friends. The mood was tense. Shadows of fear and violence danced around them as even the betrayer sat in their midst. There is a sense of confusion and powerlessness amongst the disciples. Some desperately ask for more details around Jesus imminent departure. Others quarrel over their importance in the coming Kingdom. In the middle of this cauldron of conflict, Jesus confronts them on the topic of power, but does it in a most unexpected way – by washing their feet. With this scandalous act of love, Jesus posits a radical new pattern of living.
Can we adopt this posture of serving in our own lives? Or, like Peter do misguided beliefs about power threaten to preclude us from experiencing this precious grace?

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What About Ideals?

March 18, 2018 – Rod Wilson

3 Very Strange Words – Sin, Salvation,Shalom
When we start with God and ask Him “What About Ideals?” we begin to grasp his desire for flourishing/shalom in all spheres of His creation and soon realize that sin is shalom-breaking, a way of spoiling the way God wants things to be.
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Sermon Handout:Scripture and Hymn, Introduction to Sin, Salvation and Shalom