Supporting Bufukhula and Nashisa Children

Bufukhula and Nashisa

CapChurch has been walking with the children and families and leaders of these two small villages in Uganda. The journey continues to transform hearts and minds in both Africa and Canada, and news, sponsorship information and background is right here:


        • There is a lot of positive change happening in Nashisa: medical care moving from witch doctors to hospitals, treadle pumps saving crops, lots of girls being educated and continuing to secondary school, livestock improving health and income, church leaders being trained in TCT, and lots more. Click the following link to see the pics and read the heartwarming stories… 2016 Uganda Mid Year Report
      • Encouraging news & photos from Nashisa, (Mbale, Uganda) via Food for the Hungry in this 2015 Year-end report. “We are no longer the same,” says Martin. “Change is already happening here.” … 2015 Year End Report 
    • Nashisa Community Year End 2014 Report: Great news from Nashisa, (Mbale, Uganda) via Food for the Hungry. “While new to partnership with FH, Nashisa’s progress towards sustainability is worth celebrating.” … 2014 Yearend Report 
    • Nashisa Community Mid-Year 2014 Update: Great news and photos from Nashisa, via Food for the Hungry. “While new to partnership with FH, Nashisa’s progress towards sustainability is worth celebrating.” …view update 
      • From Stuck to Thriving – Bufukhula’s Graduation with FH: Be encouraged!  Canadian videographer Ryan Bouman was commissioned by Food for the Hungry Canada to accompany our CapChurch team on their Bufukhula graduation trip in November.  This 5-minute video tells the Bufukhula/CapChurch/Nashisa story, and is being used by FH as they encourage other churches and groups across Canada to embark on similar journeys!…watch video
      • Dairy Cow Project: Check out this video about the exciting dairy cow project, which was transformative in Bufukhula, and which is now under way in Nashisa… watch video


Individuals in the CapChurch community, along with friends and family and others, are now sponsoring over 400 boys & girls in the village of Nashisa. Leaders from the village nominate children for Food for the Hungry sponsorship from families they know to be most in need, and for the sponsored children, it makes an overwhelming difference. A number in our community have had opportunity to meet their sponsor kids face to face and tour their homes and village. And all sponsors are able to send and receive messages to and from their kids in Nashisa. Dare we dream, work and pray that these children will have an opportunity to attend school, live free of disease, eat well and know the love of the Lord Jesus for them?  Emphatically, yes!

If you would like to sponsor a child in Nashisa, simply check out the smiling faces at (see note below) or visit the sponsorship table at an upcoming CapChurch service (contact Archie Robertson for the next date). (Note: when you visit this link, hover over the “Sponsor Me >” link (to the bottom-right of each child’s photo) to ensure that the first 6 digits of the sponsorship number are 256-222-xxxx, which represents Nashisa)


It began with a vision that was loosely formed in the heart and mind of one of our Elders upon returning from a trip to Uganda with FH Canada. Shortly after sharing this vision with the leadership, in 2005 CapChurch committed to 5 yearly visits to Bufukhula in Uganda’s Mbale region with the mandate of seeing what might emerge. The journey has been transformative, and it continues.

Our latest team returned from Bufukhula energized after celebrating the community’s “graduation” into sustainability, and tremendously encouraged to hear of our Bufukhula friends paying it forward with the nearby village of Nashisa, with whom FH Canada & CapChurch are now in a “Poverty Revolution” relationship. Our connection with Bufukhula and Nashisa is unique and extends far beyond that of financial intervention, though hundreds of children in Bufukhula, and now Nashisa, have been “sponsored” by Cappers.

We continue to attend to the Spirit as our two communities, one church and one village, journey in faith, and bring new friends in Nashisa into our hearts and prayers.


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