Cap Celebrates Mission

June 24, 2018 – Cap Celebrates Mission

Jamie Munday and Cappers:

Our 6-week “Church United” series flows out of one of the values statement on Cap’s website: [Christian] brothers and sisters are never our enemies, neither is another church. We will love what Jesus loves: the whole church. And we will seek creative ways to participate with others in God’s Kingdom.” In the next six weeks, we will hear again God’s call to unity through scripture, and also through interviews with four different pastors from the North Shore. As we hear from each of these exceptional, faithful pastors, we will have the opportunity not just to learn about what God is doing in other churches, but also to bless them, and to imagine together what it might look like for a “United Church” to work together for the sake of God’s Kingdom.


  • Donna Bromley (Harvest Project)
  • Kevin Faw (Creation Matters)
  • Barrett Sprowson (Anvil Camps)
  • Margo Sadler (Nashisa Story)
  • Billy Evans and Graham Best (See video)

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