Embodying the Dream: Faithful Presence on the North Shore

March 12, 2017 – Ross Lochart

Essentially, as I write the sermon today, I’m exploring the question of “Faithful Presence on the North Shore” picking up on the Macedonian Call in Acts 16 and yoking it to my latest writing project on St. Patrick (his day is coming up this week!!).  Patrick grows up  as a cultural Christian and has a conversion experience where God’s faithful presence is made real to him while a slave in Ireland.  His calling (through a Macedonian like moment) is to return and minister to the pre-Christian population of Ireland.  What is our calling here on the North Shore?  From Slemish Mountain (pictured) to the Grouse Grind (pictured) how do we identify God’s presence at work in our lives?  Borrowing from David Fitch’s work (that the sermon series is based on) I will explore the three tables he identifies for faithful Christian witness in the world.

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