Jesus Washes His Disciples Feet

March 25, 2018 – Jamie Munday

On Thursday night of what we call “Holy Week” Jesus arranged for a final gathering with his beloved friends. The mood was tense. Shadows of fear and violence danced around them as even the betrayer sat in their midst. There is a sense of confusion and powerlessness amongst the disciples. Some desperately ask for more details around Jesus imminent departure. Others quarrel over their importance in the coming Kingdom. In the middle of this cauldron of conflict, Jesus confronts them on the topic of power, but does it in a most unexpected way – by washing their feet. With this scandalous act of love, Jesus posits a radical new pattern of living.
Can we adopt this posture of serving in our own lives? Or, like Peter do misguided beliefs about power threaten to preclude us from experiencing this precious grace?

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