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We love sharing life together. Join us and get involved here at CapChurch. We could use a hand Sunday mornings, on the worship team, serving the kids and youth, mentoring marriages and caring for one another.

Sunday Practicals

Contact CapChurch for ways to help out and who to talk to about Sunday mornings.


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Serving Kids & Youth

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If you wish to serve ECE, CapKids, or the Youth, you will be required to complete a criminal record check. This can be done online quickly and easily through the BC Government website.

How to get a criminal record check

Mentoring Marriages

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Caring For One Another

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Serve With Us

Join us in serving others – on the north shore, across the bridge, and around the world. As you’ll see, we have a missional vision and a missions team that helps support us in fulfilling our vision. Along with our partnership, involvement and support of many advocates and agencies, CapChurch has an ongoing relationship with two communities; Gitsegukla, BC and Nashisa/Bufukhla, Uganda.  Explore the sections below for more info.

Missions Vision & Team

Missional Vision

Jesus, undeterred, went right ahead and gave his charge: ‘God authorized and commanded me to commission you: Go out and train everyone you meet, far and near, in this way of life, marking them by baptism in the threefold name: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Then instruct them in the practice of all I have commanded you. I’ll be with you as you do this, day after day after day, right up to the end of the age.’

– Matthew 28:19-20, The Message

Mission Team

The Cap Missions Team (CMT) is to follow Jesus particular call to CapChurch to do ministry and compassion in the world beyond Cap. The CMT is empowered by the Cap Eldership to promote ministry and mission minded culture within Cap, support ministry initiatives, form policy, discern each missioner’s call, encourage missioners in their work, and budget and allocate funds on behalf of CapChurch.

Summary of Responsibilities:

  • Develop needed minimal policies and procedures for the administration of CapChurch missions;
  • Set missions budget and allocate funds annually to CMT approved individuals/agencies
  • Develop and encourage a ministry and mission culture at Cap
  • Interview prospective missionaries offering discernment and wisdom;
  • Foster public and private prayer for our missionaries / commended workers;
  • Facilitate communication between CapChurch and her missionaries;
  • Address issues and lead any contingencies arising from the CMT missions program (e.g. insurance, letters to cross borders, insufficient funds, etc.);
  • Each team member is called to acknowledge the direction of the Holy Spirit as they maintain a vision of serving the church above any personal mission bias.

Members of the Missions Team:

  • Roger Hardy
  • Archie Robertson
  • Willie Perez
  • Lynn Perez – Chair
  • Jan Wilson
  • CapChurch Staff Rep: John Colpitts

Mission Team Strategy & Policy

Bufukhula & Nashisa

Bufukhula Children Running


It began with a vision that was loosely formed in the heart and mind of one of our Elders upon returning from a trip to Uganda with FH Canada. Shortly after sharing this vision with the leadership, in 2005 CapChurch committed to 5 yearly visits to Bufukhula in Uganda’s Mbale region with the mandate of seeing what might emerge. The journey has been transformative, and it continues.

Our latest team returned from Bufukhula energized after celebrating the community’s “graduation” into sustainability, and tremendously encouraged to hear of our Bufukhula friends paying it forward with the nearby village of Nashisa, with whom FH Canada & CapChurch are now in a “Poverty Revolution” relationship. Our connection with Bufukhula and Nashisa is unique and extends far beyond that of financial intervention, though hundreds of children in Bufukhula, and now Nashisa, have been “sponsored” by Cappers.

We continue to attend to the Spirit as our two communities, one church and one village, journey in faith, and bring new friends in Nashisa into our hearts and prayers.

For news, sponsorship information and background, click below…

More about Bufukhula and Nashisa

Supported Advocates & Agencies

CapChurch is committed to sharing the good news of Jesus through practical and prayerful strategies around the world and at home. This list is evolving as new ministries are added and subtracted. The names associated with ministries are from the ministry and / or CapChurch.

CapChurch is committed to local missions. In fact we believe that serving locally “within arm’s reach” can lead to serving “within a stone’s throw. We believe that all followers of Jesus Christ are ministers of the gospel and they become missionaries when they take the good news to their friends, family and fellow workers. Here are some of the local missions that we support. Historically we choose to support those local mission and ministries to which we have a heartfelt and personal connection. That is what you will see on the list below. The Mission Team will consider supporting others if you as a Capper demonstrate your heartfelt and personal connection to that ministry and there is a “fit” with where the Spirit is leading us.

  • Alano Club –assist recovering alcoholics in their efforts to become healthy, contributing members of society (Cap contact – James Atkins)
  • A Rocha – Christians in conservation (Cap contact – Rod Wilson)
  • BeeFriendly Promotes the conservation and rehabilitation of native bee populations and their habitat (Cap contact – Sharon Lisette)
  • Deborahs Gate (Cap Contact -Jaqueline Nadworny )
  • Focus Foundation of B.C.– helping troubled teens, youth with learning disabilities, and children who fail to succeed in high school in B.C.(Cap contact – Gary Powroznik)
  • Gitsegukla – Gitxan First Nation Mission (Cap Contact – Jan Bryant)
  • Harvest Project – providing coaching, food and clothing for those in need on Vancouver’s North Shore (Cap contacts – Donna Bromley and Greg Howard)
  • Hope For The Future – Tanzania (Cap contact – Jan Wilson)
  • Hope For The Nations (Cap contact – Ralph Bromley)
  • Embrace Rwanda
  • Just Work Economic Initiative — a social enterprise in Vancouver that fosters dignified, gainful work opportunities for people facing multiple barriers to work (Cap contact – Jocelyn Pedder)
  • Missions Fest (CapChurch Administrator)
  • Pacific Theatre (Cap contact -Becca Birkner)
  • Radio Aramesh Society (Cap contact – Shelley MacDonald-Lin)
  • Open Door – strategic support for single women parents (Cap contact – Julie Evans)
  • Spectrum Mothers – a NS agency committed to provide support for women who are courageously caring for their young children (newborn – five years old) in difficult and challenging situations (Cap contact – Julie Evans)
  • Sponsored Summer Camps
    Keats Camps -Camps for children and youth
    Anvil Island – Summer camps for children and you
    Barnabas Family Camps
  • Union Gospel Mission (Cap contact – Barb Atkins)
  • World Vision (Cap contact – Roger Hardy)
  • Young Life North Vancouver (Cap contact – Janine coxford)
  • Youth Unlimited (Cap contact – Andrew Chong)

Why we follow Jesus around the globe: “God is asking us to be some of the chief bearers of His likeness in the world. As Spirit, He remains invisible on this planet. He relies upon us to give flesh to that Spirit, to bear the very image of God.” Imagine! We have the privilege of being image bearers. Here are some of the foreign missions that we support. And we will support more if you are supportive of other missions:

  • FH Canada & CapChurch Uganda Mission (Lynn Perez; Andrea Smith)
  • MB Missions – The Munday’s
  • Dirk Family – serving in the Arab World.

Please note: there are many valuable and necessary agencies and ministries that we do not support. We do not give financial aid to these works because there is no one in our church that advocates for their support. We support the mission agencies that are represented by people within CapChurch who currently support these agencies.