Practicing the Dream: Faithful Presence with Children and Youth

March 19, 2017 – John Colpitts

We are in the midst of our Lenten series entitled: “God’s Dream for the World.” We have been invited to participate with Father, Son, and Spirit in seeking God’s all-encompassing shalom for our world, including in the particular
neighbourhoods and places we inhabit day to day. Over the next 3 weeks, we will focus on 3 communal practices that form us into people of the dream – a people of faithful presence—those who enjoy the life-giving presence of Jesus with us, and bear witness to God’s work of renewal and restoration all around us. Today, John will share his experience of practicing faithful presence with children and youth, and invite us to encounter Christ in the space that is opened up as we bend ourselves to tend to the young people in our midst.

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Capilano Christian Community