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CapChurch has a good selection of resources ranging from Baptism, Marriage and Counselling, to music and videos. Please open the section and click on the links to access the pdf or corresponding files.

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There are audio and video resources in the CapChurch Media section.

Dry Bones

by Matt Pierrot
This one was written for a lady in our Church who is fighting cancer right now. I have great respect for those people who are looking into the face of death and trying to make out the shape of Jesus. It also works nicely as a Lent song. Forty days in the desert with Jesus, ending with death and resurrection.

To Choose

by Matt Pierrot
Sung in October after a sermon Mike did on Choices. Sometimes you gotta go left or right, but I seem to want to walk down the middle.


by Matt Pierrot
Born out of our sermon series on Justice and the study of the book of Amos. This was my reflective response to that powerful group of Sundays.


Jake Penner’s Rocking Horses

by Tim Hardy
Jake Penner is one of CapChurch’s founding elders. Over 40 years ago Jake was part of a bible study group on the North Shore that invited others to join and soon became Capilano Christian Community Church. One thing that characterizes Jake is a love of children which he carried into his professional life as a school principal. Jake is also an avid woodworker both of furniture and houses. In the life of CapChurch, Jake undertook to welcome families into the community and to bless those families when they had children. Jake’s particular way of blessing children and families has been to build a rocking horse for the child; have the family over for lunch and surprise everyone with a personalized rocking horse. After 30 years and 40+ horses the tradition continues. View the story which was first aired on the CTV news in June 2013.

By Faith

by CapChurch
This video and song is the culmination of our church’s study of the Book of Hebrews in November, 2009. Together, the whole community participated in writing our own version of Hebrews 11 as an expression of what we wanted to commit ourselves to doing “By Faith”. Inspired by the words we wrote, one of our worship leaders turned our faith declarations into a song, and then we all went into the studio to record it.

Desert Song

featuring Andrew Chong and Choreography by Sophia Del Giglio

Youth Resources

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