March 3, 2019   CapChurch with Kim Pierrot

Unfortunately, a technical issue caused the sermon recording to fail. Please click on the link below to see some highlights of Kim’s content:

Jonah Powerpoint Presentation

Our March series explores various ways to live out the invitation to be God’s “sent” people. The first two weeks look at Jonah, a wonderfully relatable individual who runs in the other direction in response to God’s sending. The biblical book that bears his name is more than a Sunday school story about a disobedient man and a big fish—it is a timely reminder about a compassionate, all-inclusive God who will stop at nothing to bring others closer to Him, including using a reluctant prophet. On March 17th and 24th, Ross Lockhart will explore God’s call and our response through the story of St. Patrick – the shepherd slave turned shepherd of souls in Ireland. And finally, on March 31st, Ralph Bromley and his daughter Kirsten will be sharing from their own stories of being sent by God.

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