Sunday Gathering

More traditionally called a Service or even Church, our Sunday mornings together are a time to gather, worship, pray, learn, and share in community.

  • Our Sunday format, while not without variation, includes each of these components:
  • Services are approximately 90 minutes in length from 10 am to 11:30.
  • Dress is casual and our setting in Mulgrave School is very informal.
  • People move freely throughout the service as circumstances require.
  • Music is contemporary with a folk-rock flavor. The worship team usually includes guitars, drums, singers, piano and sometimes other instruments.
  • A conversational style of message of about 30 minutes helps us make sense of the real world as we see it through the filter of God and the Bible.

Often there is opportunity for reflection and prayer or personal sharing after the message. Regular participation in communion, baptism, and child dedication celebrations are integrated into our worship time.

Children and youth regularly participate with their parents in part of the main worship time, while having their own group experiences with their peers as well.

Find Us Sundays at Mulgrave

CapChurch meets Sundays at 10am at Mulgrave School in West Vancouver. Good Friday and Easter Sunday Services are at 10:00 am

Mulgrave School
2330 Cypress Bowl Lane
West Vancouver

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CapChurch Parking at Mulgrave

When you approach Mulgrave School, on the right, there is a large upper and lower parking lot which accommodates all of our parking needs. Elevators are available on both levels. Capchurch meets in the Shaw Auditorium on the second floor of the building. The elevator lands south of the auditorium; walk north (away from the ocean view as tempting as that is!) and look for greeters who can give you a newsletter and more information.

View this Mulgrave school property aerial map.

Need a Ride to CapChurch?

Looking for a ride to CapChurch (at Mulgrave School) on Sunday morning? Please email for assistance with transportation.


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