Oct 7, 2018   CapChurch with Kim Pierrot

Listening to Lucy

Last Sunday, we had the delight and privilege of listening to Lucy Goncalves as she talked about her life with God, her big dreams, and her gratitude for the challenges in her life. I heard from lots of you this week that both the content of Lucy’s words, and the experience of listening to her was a profound one. Someone shared: “As we were all leaning in, listening to Lucy, taking in every word, it made me wonder—do I listen to God like that? Am I leaning in to God?” Another person remarked: “As we sat there listening, I felt at times impatient, uncomfortable, even a bit scared of not being able to understand her. Then I realized I can come to God like that too.” Personally, I loved the communal experience of listening to Lucy; even when I couldn’t quite catch every word she said, someone else in the room always picked up what I missed. This was yet another analogy of listening to God as a community—we need each other to hear God well! And no one there could forget the parallel Lucy drew between her involuntary spasms when she tries to rush and our “spastic souls” forever hurrying on to the next thing in our lives. Being with Lucy was indeed an experience of moving at God’s speed.

CapChurch’s appreciation for Lucy was demonstrated through the love offering we took, resulting in over $1200 donated towards the expenses Lucy will incur as she publishes her new book Able Soul. Thanks Cap for your generosity, and thank you Lucy for sharing yourself with us last week! (Kim Pierrot)

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