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JUNE 29 2018 CapBlast




July at a Glance

Join us as we gather:

July 1 | Exodus Intro | Kim Pierrot

July 8 | Exodus 1-2 | Jenn Ohlhauser

July 15 | Exodus 3-4:17 | Dave Zimmerman

July 22 | Exodus 5-6:12 | Kim Pierrot

July 29 | Exodus 7-12 | Andrea Smith

Mon Nights | Summer Speakers Group Gathering

Wed Nights | Solitude and Silence Book Group with Shelley MacDonald-Lin

We are so excited for CapKidsSummer!

Things are a little different and just as awesome for the summer:

Littes – Ages 0-2: Parental supervision required
Zoo – Ages 3-5: Usual antics with Katrina
Fresh & T.B.A- Grades 1-6 Combined for the summer.
Jr. Youth: Team ShaunIsa are here for you.

Summer Camp Ministries to Pray for:

Anvil Camp 2 |  Led by Andrew Chong with several volunteers  Cappers  (July 7 – 14)

Anvil Camp 3 | Led by Barrett Sprowson with several volunteers  Cappers (July 14 – 21)

Several other Cappers (adults and youth) are serving and attending at other Anvil Camp weeks as well as Keats Camp and Greenbay Camp.

The rhythm of our community in the summer lends for times to connect after our gatherings.  We know people are away and others who are enjoying summer here at home.

If you are in town, consider inviting people for lunch.  If you have a special bbq, game night, movie night, picnic gathering that you hoping for more company, please let us know and can post here or on social media.  There are also lots of free activities, music festivals, shows, and concerts to invite people to join you.

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