A Story of Compassion: Spectrum Mothers

I first heard about Spectrum almost ten years ago and was immediately drawn to their philosophy…

A Story of Compassion

by Julie Evans

I first heard about Spectrum almost ten years ago and was immediately drawn to
their philosophy of supporting mothers in need. I am passionate about children
growing up knowing love and security and want to do whatever I can to help
parents be able to provide that as best they can for their children.
I joined up straight away as a caregiver and have never looked back.

Spectrum Mothers Support Society is a local non-profit agency committed to compassionately providing support to North Shore women who are caring for their young children in difficult and challenging situations.

Caregivers come alongside mothers who are overwhelmed with their
circumstances to provide support and encouragement with compassion and
dignity. They spend several hours a week in the home while mom has the time
she needs to rest, exercise, do chores, attend support groups or therapy, or just
talk. The child receives one on one care, love, and attention from the caregiver.
Deep relationships are developed between the caregiver, mother and child which
often last long after the support has officially ended.

The mothers have been referred by a professional for a variety of reasons – they
may be crippled with anxiety, depression, complete exhaustion, or challenged
with addictions, fleeing abuse, be dealing with other medical issues,
developmental delays, multiple births, or isolation. These women are in our
society courageously doing their best and wanting to be the best they can be for
their children.

Having a break and a consistent, compassionate person to talk to makes a huge
difference to an overwhelmed and exhausted mother. it enables her to cope and
parent better the rest of the week and over time work through her challenges.

During my years as a caregiver I have seen life after life changed. It is a privilege
to walk alongside these mums during one of their most difficult seasons of their
life and an absolute joy to watch them change. To see them interacting more
positively with their children, getting connected in the community and generally
feeling more alive are proven outcomes we see over and over again. We really do make a difference.

We would love to see you at our upcoming fundraiser where you can find out
more about Spectrum and enjoy the festivities.