Church Already Not Yet

We imagined would be well into the swing of things but things are not entirely settled yet…. 

A Note from Kim Pierrot, Leader Pastor


“Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known.” 1 John 3:2

Back in May, as we were planning and praying towards CapChurch’s fall startup, we imagined by November we would be well into the swing of things. In reality (like with many other aspects of life right now) there is a degree of normalcy — but things are not entirely settled yet. In the words of 1 John 3:2, “what we will be has not yet been made known.”

Factors like the reality of ongoing Covid outbreaks, awaiting vaccine approval for kids, and the significant changes we are implementing as a church all contribute to the feeling that we haven’t yet fully arrived at our new destination. Gathering in a new space, at a new time, sitting socially distanced, singing with a mask on … it’s so good to be together again in person, but I know it also just feels weird.

What I am hearing and seeing as I spend time with folks from our Cap community is that as we all adjust to new rhythms, new demands, and new protocols of this “in-between time” that is both post-Covid and also not-yet post-Covid, we are both energized and exhausted; both eager and anxious; both grateful and grieving.

As a result, many committed Cappers have yet to attend our Family Table gatherings or to to engage with a micro-church.

In response to all this, I want to say: There is no rush.

It takes time for all of us, collectively, to navigate these new complexities. When you are ready to return, to participate, we’ll be here! At the same time, I also want to encourage you to find at least (one if not more) ways to meaningfully connect with God – and other Cappers – in this “already-not-yet” season. We are offering multiple ways to do this, whether in-person or online.

Email me ( for a coffee time or walk, reach out to another Capper or Cap family to find out how they are doing, watch and reflect on the videos I post every other week, or consider joining our 30-minute mini-zoom sessions on alternating Sunday mornings. 

Here’s some encouraging news:

  • Eleven Cap micro-churches, with 110 kids and adults participating, are up and running
  • Family Table Gatherings at Hillside have, on average, 60 participants
  • 10-15 youth regularly attend our Thursday night youth micro-church
  • 20-25 Cappers are joining in for Sunday morning mini-zooms
  • Every bed in our Circle of Care House is now full!

There are so many encouraging “alreadys” in this new season of our church’s life. And there are also many “not-yets” that we look forward to experiencing in the coming months. I hope to see many of you soon; whether on a walk, online, or in-person during a Sunday afternoon.  – Kim