CapChurch Financial Update

Keeping our financial diligence through the final days of 2021…


Since my November update, as a group we have responded well and we now appear to be on pace to meet our financial obligations for the year. There are still a handful of bills to be paid as we round out the year, and I ask that we keep our financial diligence through the final days of 2021. But overall we appear to be in good shape.

With the ever-changing Covid protocols, we may find it hard to meet in person, thus for those wishing to make end-of-the-calendar gifts to CapChurch, please feel free to reach out to myself or Cathy (contact info below).  

Looking forward, we have begun initial work on our 2022 budget, and as a committee we ask for your prayers as we discern the financial directions we take. The new/special items we know will be in the budget are: a full year’s rent with Hillside, continued support of the Circle of Care Home, the likely addition of one or two key members of our church staff team, and the expected completion of government financial support. 

Financially, as we continue to find our “new normal” into 2022, I ask us all to keep CapChurch in mind.  Whether you choose to support us monthly, or with sporadic donations, it all helps us continue the programs we have set in place as a church, and it also allows us to financially support the community programs we feel called to support… like the Circle of Care Home.

Should you have any thoughts or questions about our budget and/or need help with making contributions to Cap, please reach out to me ( or Cathy Adams (

You can also leave a message at 604.980.8997 and we will get back to you.

In the meantime, may you have a wonderful and healthy Christmas!

All the best,


Chair, CapChurch Finance Committee