Circle of Care House Project

The Circle of Care model was developed as a unique North Shore partnership…

Circle of Care House #3 is now open . . .

The Circle of Care model was developed as a unique North Shore partnership to provide affordable housing and wrap-around care for vulnerable people. Circle of Care House #3 is welcoming residents this Summer. See below for recent updates on this project as well as general information and a video on the Circle of Care model.


Thank you everyone! This project would not have come to fruition without the incredible 75 people who showed up to clean, to garden, to handyman, to move, to contribute, to buy things, to source things, to share things. This project also relied on the support of our partners at North Shore Alliance and the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Now that the house has become a home, the role of Cap Church shifts to supporting CMHA in their work with the residents, subsidizing the rent, and funding some project costs. In addition, we will support the important work of Suzanne in building community and relationships with the residents and supporting them in their journeys.