Second Corinthians Reading Guide

We invite you to journey with us by reading and reflecting with the help of this guide…

Formed by God's story in scripture . . .

Out of a desire to explore the theme of God’s shalom as ‘connectedness’ this year, we want to focus intentionally on two particular books of the Bible for the year: 2 Corinthians and Genesis.

While you will hear numerous sermons referring to these books all year, we also invite you to participate together in something deeper and bigger than just listening to sermons. Underneath the complexities of every book of the Bible, there is the simple, sure story of Father, Son and Spirit seeking to bring multi-faceted connection in the face of all that is disconnected.

We invite you to be formed in this simple story by reading through 2 Corinthians this fall, and Genesis 1-11 beginning in January. As you read, remain open to the ways God might speak to us as a community as we approach each chapter asking:

How is God bringing about re-connection in what I read?

What is God’s invitation to me in this passage?

What might God be inviting us into as a community?

This October and November, as we explore 2 Corinthians’ big themes on Sunday mornings, feel free to begin the journey now by reading at your own pace, or a chapter a week following the reading guide below:

Week of Sept 22        2 Cor 1:1-2:4     

Week of Sept 29        2 Cor 2:5-3:6

Week of Oct 6            2 Cor 3:7-18

Week of Oct 13          2 Cor 4:1-18

Week of Oct 20         2 Cor 5:1-6:2                 

Week of Oct 27          2 Cor 6:3-7:1

Week of Nov 3           2 Cor 7:2-16

Week of Nov 10         2 Cor 8:1-24      

Week of Nov 17         2 Cor 9:1-15

Week of Nov 24         2 Cor 10:1-18

Week of Dec 1            2 Cor 11:1-33

Week of Dec 8           2 Cor 12:1-21

Week of Dec 15          2 Cor 13:1-14