As Small Church starts up again, we suggest you spend most of your time answering the sharing and prayer questions below, allowing them to guide your prayer for each other. However, make sure you set aside 10-15 minutes to discuss and decide how you want to engage in the new series.
Small Church January 15 - Epiphanies

Conversation Guide for January 15, 2023

For Sharing and Prayer:

  • What is something in your life that brought you joy/that you are most grateful for since you last met together?
  • What is something in your life that was draining/that you are least grateful for since you last met together?
  • What is one longing you have for 2023?

For Discussing and Deciding:

How do you want to engage in the new series that has just started?

The series is called “Epiphanies—Stories of Divine ‘ah ha’ moments from our community, history and the Bible.” The word ‘epiphany’ simply means ‘revelation’. This winter, we are looking to share stories of “a-ha” moments related to God–not necessarily a conversion story, but a story focussing on a particular time and place in which an individual experienced a particular quality of God. 

Small Church Sundays will include both a personal story and Bible story.

Personal Story Options:

  • A personal epiphany story told by someone in your group (10-12 min max)
  • A brief epiphany story read aloud provided for you from a collection of faith stories called Finding Faith
  • A brief epiphany story someone in the group selects and shares from a personal memoir they have read (ie great recent releases from Bono and Matthew Perry ), or even a particular song that describes an experience of God that is meaningful

In case you want to take turns sharing personal stories, here are all the Small Church dates until Easter so you can sign up: Jan 29, Feb 12, 26, Mar 12, 19, Apr 2

Bible Story:

Kim/Todd will provide a scripture reference and reflection questions each Sunday. There will be no videos for this series.