Fall Message Series: Power and Privilege

This fall, Cap Church will be reading through the Gospel of Luke together…

Our Fall Message Series...

This fall, Cap Church will be reading through the Gospel of Luke together and studying it through the lens of power and privilege. We do this both because it is a central theme in the book, and also because thoughtful engagement with these ideas is an increasingly urgent task for us as followers of Jesus in today’s world.

“The Gospel of Luke…assures us that the Kingdom of God, in its fullness, will confound all our expectations and will overturn our experiences. In fact, in the Kingdom of God everything will be turned upside down. This is especially true when it comes to power, privilege and wealth.”

– John R. Barker, from his article: God’s Great Reversal.

Click here for discussion questions and a simple meeting outline to use for group study.

Read Ahead:

Week of Sept 21-26                            Luke 1-2

Week of Sept 28-Oct 3                      Luke 3-4

Week of Oct 5-10                                 Luke 5-6

Week of Oct 12-17                                Luke 7-8

Week of Oct 19-24                              Luke 9-10

Week of Oct 26-31                              Luke 11-12

Week of Nov 2-7                                 Luke 13-14

Week of Nov 9-14                               Luke 15-16

Week of Nov 16-21                              Luke 17-18

Week of Nov 23-28                             Luke 19-20

Looking for a helpful resource to help you with your reading? Click here.