Family Table | In Person Gathering Bi-Weekly

A note from Kim Pierrot and information…


Please subscribe to our newsletter as dates and information here will be confirmed as able here as well in light of COVID 2022 updates and BC Health authorities recommendations.  

Our pastoral leadership and governance team with our COVID response team continue to meet,  evaluate, and creatively find ways for us to safely connect and be present to each other in these times.

Mark your calendars for our intergenerational Family Table large group in person gathering every other Sunday:


  • February  6, 20
  • March 6, 20
  • April  3,17
  • May 1, 15, 29
  • June 12, 26
Hillside Church (870 Lynn Valley Road, North Vancouver).


Real Presence

“I didn’t realize how much I missed these people,” one Capper told me after our Family Table gathering last Sunday. Collectively, we have weathered the COVID storm so well.

We have had many meaningful connections with one another over Zoom, on walks, in parks, and in small groups; but there is no replacement for the warmth of “real presence.”

That intimate experience of both God and one another is only possible when we are all together in the same room, gathered in worship remembering who – and whose – we are.

Thank you to those who have joined us for our in-person gatherings this month!

Thank you, too, for your patience as we modify our exciting fall plans in response to our current health situation.

-Kim Pierrot, Pastor

For our next in-person gathering, we want to ensure we are caring for the most vulnerable in our midst. As such, CapChurch leaders request all Cappers to abide by the following protocols:
  • If you are feeling unwell, please stay home until you feel better.
  • For Cappers age 12 and older, please do not gather indoors in-person unless you are fully vaccinated.
  • When gathering indoors, please wear a mask and socially distance wherever possible.
  • QR Code for vaccination is required as we are serving food or beverages before and after our Family Table time
This is a tangible way we can show love for one another, particularly for the young children and immunocompromised Cappers among us. Hand sanitizer and face masks will be available onsite. Thank you in advance — we look forward to being together!