February Sunday Series: Hopeful Faith

Rod Wilson invites us to consider whether we have hopeful faith in God, with Others, for Life…

The Foundations of Biblical Spirituality . . .

In February Rod Wilson will start a new series entitled ‘Hopeful Faith.’  We will ask ourselves whether we have:

Hopeful Faith in God?

Hopeful Faith with Others?

Hopeful Faith for Life?

To prepare for this series, you could read the book of Ephesians, six chapters that describe our relationship with God, our connectedness with others, and our engagement with life.


February 9  Hopeful Faith in God with Rod Wilson

Rod begins a 3 week series inviting us to consider a hopeful faith. Using a mixture of philosophy, grammar, reflection, and poetry, he equips us to read the Bible carefully and to embrace the hopefulness of the Good News we encounter in Ephesians.


February 16  Hopeful Faith with Others with Rod Wilson

February 23  Hopeful Faith for Life with Rod Wilson