Four-Mation Groups are happening now

An opportunity for deeper, more personal belonging with God and with one another in groups of 4…

Connecting with God, Others, and Self

The vision:

Knowing one another and being known. We want individuals in our church to have the opportunity to grow in connectedness to one another and to be formed by the experience of God’s presence in a group context over a 6-month period of time.

The groups:

Kim Pierrot will place people in groups of four with a view to balance both natural affinities and inter-generational diversity. Participants are welcome to give feedback regarding potential placements.

Depending on the availability of the participants, an in-person bi-weekly meeting is recommended, with other variations being possible–including shorter weekly meetings, monthly meetings that are a bit longer, or meetings over facetime, skype etc.

Ideally, each meeting should be 60 to 90 minutes long, maximum.

The pathway:

The first four sessions will consist of each person sharing their personal story with one another. Kim will offer some specific guidance as to how to structure these storytelling sessions. This is an essential foundation for knowing one another and being known.

After each person has had a chance to tell their story, the rest of the gatherings for the rest of the year can be structured along the lines of the following outline:

Four-Mation Groups


We invite your participation and welcome your feedback.

Please email if you are interested in learning more or joining in.