Garden to Table Potluck Lunch

We are excited to invite you to a “Garden to Table” potluck lunch after church this Sunday…

Sunday, September 29th

Immediately following the Service



“For everything there is a season…a time to plant, and a time

to pluck up what is planted.”  – Ecclesiastes 3:1a, 2b

Our first ever “Garden to Table” potluck lunch will be after church this Sunday. We hope you can stay for a bit to visit with one another while enjoying some tasty food. Please click the RSVP button above.

For a fun twist… this potluck style lunch includes the challenge to bring a dish that incorporates as many locally grown ingredients as possible!

‘Local’ could mean any of the following:  something grown in your garden, a neighbourhood or community garden, Loutet Farm, or simply produce from your grocery store that is labelled ‘local’ or ‘BC grown’.  Use these kinds of ingredients to come up with a salad, soup, side dish, or sweet (or baked good) to share with others. 

As an example… I might clip some of my rosemary plant to make rosemary shortbread or pull the last few carrots in my garden and combine it with some apples from a friend’s apple tree to make carrot apple muffins!

Have fun with this!  And remember, the whole dish doesn’t have to be made with local ingredients!   Just use as much as you can.

Food was God’s first gift to us in the garden – an expression of his love and generosity that reminds us of our dependence on Him.   Let’s gather on the 29th and enjoy this good gift together, give thanks, and celebrate the amazing things that grow in our own ‘backyard’ for us to eat!


See what’s in season in BC at

Take a few minutes to read this thoughtful reflection on food called “Digesting Grace: Why the Food We Eat Matters to God”