Insights on how we treat others in the light of Jesus’ words.


We are excited to be learning again together from Matthew 5-7. Click here for today’s video containing Todd Wiebe’s insights on how we treat others in the light of Jesus’ words. After watching the video, please discuss/reflect on the following:

Read Scripture:
There is a point in the video where Todd suggests pausing and reading Matthew 5:38-48

– Is it possible, in our world, to live the way that Jesus outlines in this passage?
– Do you think that Christians generally try to live this way?

For the kids, younger ones:
– If a kid at school hits another kid, what is the kid who got hit supposed to do?
– Why are they supposed to do this?
– Why can’t they just hit back? What might happen if they did hit back?
– Have you ever given something away to someone else?
– How did it make you feel?

For everyone else:
– What do most people in the world think about the Christian church? Does the common view reflect what Jesus is saying here?
– What do you think the term “othering” means? How does “deficiency theology” (being led by what is missing instead of by what reflects God’s love) lead to othering?
– How is what Jesus describing here better than what much of religion and society has to offer?
– Where have you seen the kind of non-retaliation and love described here?