January Sunday Series: The Story of…

In Genesis chapters 1-11 we find important answers to the most basic of questions…

Stories Are Important . . .

In Genesis chapters 1-11 we find important answers to the most basic of questions:

Who is God? Who am I? What’s the problem? How do we fix it?

The answers don’t come to us in theological statements, but in the form of a familiar story.

In this engaging series, the old story becomes new.

January 5  Introduction to the Big Story with Kim Pierrot

Kim lays the foundation for our series in Genesis 1-11, highlighting our love for stories and the ways in which the big story of the Bible speaks to the biggest questions of life.

Watch the “Read Scripture” video that was included in our teaching time this week:


January 12   The Story of God’s Goodness with Kim Pierrot

Kim speaks of the goodness of God by comparing the Genesis creation stories with other ancient narratives. She invites us to live in the tension of 2 truths: Things are not the way they are supposed to be… and… God is good.

January 19   The Story of God’s Image with Iain Provan

No Audio Available for Iain’s message this week. Click here for other audio resources from Iain.


January 26   The Story of God’s Creation with Rick Faw

Rick Faw joins us from A Rocha (A Christian Conservation Organization) to unpack the story of God’s creation through scripture, metaphor, and hopeful reflection. Rick tells of a good creation, made and loved by God, groaning in anticipation of Christ’s redemption. We are invited to live in the good news of God’s story.

February 2   Shaped by the Story with Kim Pierrot and a panel of Cappers

Kim recaps the Genesis story of God’s Goodness, Image, and Creation before inviting a panel of Cappers to respond. Thomas Faw, Becca Birkner, and David Zimmerman each offer brilliant insights, challenges, and personal reflections on the story we’ve been hearing through the month of January.