March Sunday Series: Holy Resilience

Resilience is not just a modern notion—it is explored and embodied…

Building upon past Mental Health Series' . . .

How do we bounce back when our lives don’t go as planned?

Resilience is not just a modern notion—it is explored and embodied in the Bible—the story of the survival of God’s people in the face of suffering and trauma, and more importantly, the story of a God who is present when life falls apart.

Beginning March 8 and continuing for four weeks, Cap’s Pastors are joined by some clinical practitioners from among us to share stories from Scripture and lived experience and to explore what “holy resilience” looks like for individuals and communities.

Series Outline:

March 8  

God and Our Perceived Capacity: Hagar’s Encounter with God

Kim Pierrot with Dr. Rami Nader

In the first installment of our March series, Kim explains the concept of Holy Resilience and shares the story of Hagar’s encounter with God who sees her in the midst of her struggle. Kim then interviews psychologist and Capper Dr. Rami Nader, who shares insights from both his professional practice and from his own personal encounters with God.

March 15 

Reframing our Stories: The Life of Joseph.

Kim Pierrot with Jacqueline Nadworny

March 22

Hope and Meaning-Making: David’s Early Years.

John Colpitts with Elise Girardin

March 29

When Everything Falls Apart: The Fall of Jerusalem.

Kim Pierrot with Barb Atkins