Micro Church Gatherings this Fall

Connecting with at least one other Cap individual, couple, or family to form…

Gathering for Connection and Formation . . .

We are made for connection and wired for growth. Despite the challenges this season presents, we believe there are ways for us to continue our formation together.

We are encouraging every Capper to join with at least one other individual, couple, or family to form a micro-church, meeting virtually, in person, or a combination of both. As leaders, we are here to help you with that process and to provide resources for your time together once you begin connecting.

Meeting Outline:

  • Share a Consolation & Desolation from your week
  • Pray to begin (1 person or silent prayer)
  • Watch our Resource Video
  • Read aloud the passage of scripture highlighted in the video
  • Discuss the provided Questions
  • Offer Prayer for one another

Discussion Questions:

  • Who are the “powerful” people in this passage? Who are the “weak”?
  • How does the presence/perspective of Jesus shift the power balance?
  • How are you like the powerful? How are you like the weak?
  • How is Jesus inviting you to see or act in new ways?

Read Ahead:

Week of Sept 21-26                            Luke 1-2

Week of Sept 28-Oct 3                      Luke 3-4

Week of Oct 5-10                                 Luke 5-6

Week of Oct 12-17                                Luke 7-8

Week of Oct 19-24                              Luke 9-10

Week of Oct 26-31                              Luke 11-12

Week of Nov 2-7                                 Luke 13-14

Week of Nov 9-14                               Luke 15-16

Week of Nov 16-21                              Luke 17-18

Week of Nov 23-28                             Luke 19-20

Looking for a helpful resource to inform your reading? Click here.