Misunderstanding “Righteousness”

Why do so many people misunderstand what Jesus means when he talks about “righteousness”?


Watch Kim’s video about why so many people misunderstand what Jesus means when he talks about “righteousness” in Matthew chapters 5-7 and why it matters at all.

– What do you think of when you hear the word “righteousness”?
– Which of the two kinds of righteousness Kim mentions was more familiar to you?

Read Scripture
Read the following verses in a translation other than NIV (The Message, for instance. New International Reader’s Version is also a good one for Littles)

– Matthew 5:6
– Matthew 5:10
– Matthew 5:17-20
– Matthew 6:32

Possible Questions for Littles
– Do you think it matters to Jesus whether you are right about everything?
– Does Jesus want you to do the “right things”? What might those things be?
– Does Jesus care how you treat your brother/sister/mom/dad?

– “Everything Jesus says in these chapters has to do with helping us understand the “greater righteousness” that is a fundamental characteristic of God’s kingdom and to offer us tangible practices that lead to this right-relatedness.” Do you agree?
– What changes when you read the words of Jesus in Matthew 5-7 through the filter of “right-relatedness”? (For bonus marks, read Matthew 5:43-48 and consider what kind of ‘perfection’ Jesus might be envisioning)
– What changes when you consider current events through the filter of “right relatedness?”
– What aspect of right-relatedness do you hunger and thirst for right now? How might you seek after it?