Nashisa Graduation

Nashisa, our sister village in Uganda graduates.

Nashisa Graduation

Nashisa’s graduation ceremony – shared with Marare – was long, hot, and wonderful. We were treated to singing and dancing from both communities, and many speeches. The Nashisa Cascade groups and leaders cheered loudly and ululated joyously whenever their people performed. To me this was a symbol of what I saw on their faces: pride, hope, and even certainty about the future. Many of our sponsor children are now adults, already giving back to their community. We visited with Stephen and Godfrey, who now respectively run a corner store in Nashisa and a motorcycle-supply shop. As we drove into Nashisa the day before the ceremony, it was hard to believe we were in the same place we had visited before. The transformation was amazing, it seemed as if the spaces between each building had been filled with new houses and shops. It’s been a joy to partner with FH Canada in blessing the community of Nashisa, and it’s a delight to see they have the needed tools in hand that will sustain their hard-earned. Wele Umulaiyi! Thanks be to God!

Moses and the former Nashisa team were all present: Stephen, Julius, Mollix, and Livingstone. Also in attendance were Justine and David, who are still with FH Uganda. I was pleasantly surprised by the warmth displayed between the present and past Mbale staff members. I really enjoyed getting to know Malvern, the new Mbale director for FH, who is a delightful, thoughtful leader. (Andrea Smith)


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