Your video resource this week is a brief but rich one from Latin American theologian and practitioner Ruth Padilla Borst on where we see the beauty of God’s kingdom springing up around us. The video is 4 minutes long, which leave lots of time for discussing the attached questions or praying for one another.   (Kim Pierrot)

Watch “Seeds of the Kingdom”


For those of you who were at our church gathering last week either on zoom or in person, you will recognize similar themes—seeking God’s Kingdom is not limited to one expression or profession but is springing up in our midst in beautiful and unexpected ways.

If you want to remember characteristics of God’s kingdom, refresh your memory by reading Matt 5:3-12, or actually any part of Matthew 5-7.


  • What stuck with you after watching this video?
  • If you are on your own, consider where you experience the nearness of the kingdom in the different spheres of your life. If you are with others, affirm the ways you see the nearness of the kingdom embodied in one another’s lives—the seeds of the kingdom expressed through faithful living in our various spheres of life.
  • Whether on your own or in a group, wonder and pray about where God might be calling us as a church to join in with others in advocacy on behalf of the vulnerable and raising our hands and voices in places of power.