Small Church March 17, 2024

Conversation Guide for March 17, 2024

Becoming Present to God

Start with gathering, perhaps lighting a candle, having someone pray a brief prayer for understanding and faith in the conversation.

Becoming Present to One Another

Share a consolation (what you are most grateful for) and desolation (what you are least grateful for) from the past week.

In Conversation with the Word

Read Scripture

Read Mark 13:1-13 and 24-27

Briefly Discuss

  • What is your reaction to this section of scripture?
  • How have you heard it in the past?

Watch the Video


  1. What is your familiarity with “End Times” ideas and concepts in Christian faith?
  2. Do you see Christian faith as about separation and fear or about renewal and love – or both?
  3. Where is the promise of divine enablement? What is it about? What do you think it means that God will be with us in perilous times?
  4. What does Jesus warn about in the passage?
  5. For you, in your faith, what does the cross have to do with the fulfillment of all things?
Prayer and Blessing

If there is time an inclination, pray for one another in the places where you want God to act in power, or ask one person to pray for the group.