Small Church March 3, 2024

Conversation Guide for March 3, 2024

*Note – the order is a little bit different this week!

Becoming Present to God

While lighting a candle to remind you of God’s Presence, have someone read the candle prayer:

Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
You have called us out of darkness into light.
Open our eyes to your presence,
Open our ears to your call,
Open our hearts to your love.


Becoming Present to One Another

Share a consolation (what you are most grateful for) and desolation (what you are least grateful for) from the past week.

What are some of your “favourite things”?

In Conversation with the Word

Read Scripture

Read Mark 12:1-12

Briefly Discuss

After reading the scripture aloud, share rapid fire responses to the following questions: (this should take 3-5 minutes max)

  • Offer 1-2 adjectives to describe your initial response to this parable
  • Who is the landowner?
  • Who are the tenant farmers?
  • Who are the servants?
  • Who is the son?
  • Why do you think Jesus tells this story?

Read Scripture

Isaiah 5:1-7

Briefly Discuss

  • Do you understand the parable differently after having read Isaiah 5?
  • Are any of your initial answers different now?

Watch the Video

Discuss (Pick a few)

Did anything stick out for you from Kim’s talk?

Kim offered three contexts to help you better understand Mark 12:1-12:

  1. Isaiah 5:1-7 (Israel as the vineyard)
  2. Mark 11:27-33 (Jesus’ authority)
  3. Mark 12:28-31 (Love of God and neighbour

Which, if any of the contexts were helpful to you in understanding Jesus’ parable better?

In the video, Kim referenced a quote from St Augustine about love of God and neighbour (see below) but did not actually spell out precisely how one might interpret Mark 12:1-12 through the lens of love. Is there a way to understand this parable in a way that builds up our ‘double love’?

So anyone who thinks that he has understood the scriptures, or any part of them, but cannot by his understanding build up this double love of God and neighbour, has not yet succeeded in understanding them.”  
Augustine, ‘on Christian Doctrine’   

Prayer and Blessing

If there is time an inclination, pray for one another in the places where you want God to act in power, or ask one person to pray for the group.

Close with someone reading the blessing over you all as the candle is blown out.

May the Father of many resting places grant you rest;
May the Christ who stilled the storm grant you calm;
May the Spirit who fills all things grant you peace.
God’s light be your light,
God’s love be your love,
God’s way be your way.