Small Church May 5, 2023

Conversation Guide for May 5, 2023

(pick one question)

Share a consolation and desolation from the past week.
Share the last time you took a risk (small or big) and how it went.

Read Scriptures

After watching the video, read the following texts where Barnabas is mentioned:

  • Acts 4:36-7
  • Acts 9:19b-28
  • Acts 11:12-26
  • Acts 15:36-41
Discussion Questions (Pick a few)

What character qualities stand out to you in these vignettes featuring Barnabas?

How would you describe some of the ‘risks’ Barnabas takes?

Re-read Acts 15:36-41—the last time we hear about Barnabas in the biblical account.
What do you learn about Barnabas here? About Paul? About John Mark? About conflict?

Imagine the outcome of each of the above scenes without Barnabas in them.
What changes?

Where in your everyday life might the Holy Spirit be inviting you to “BLB”—Be like Barnabas?