Small Church FAQ

What is a Small Church?

It’s a regular gathering where Cappers meet every other week to learn, pray and worship together. A small church group is part of the essential rhythm of our church’s “scattering and gathering,” and it follows the materials provided by Cap leaders.

What would that look like?

On weeks we aren’t having a wider church (ALL CHURCH) gathering, micro-church leaders will meet in a home with other Cappers and do things like read the Bible, pray, and care for one another — just like Christians have been doing for centuries. We will provide resources (videos, Bible passages, questions) for micro-church leaders to use during these gatherings.

Will I choose who is in my Small Church?

You will choose one other individual or family as your small church co-leader. Then, with your input, we add other Cappers to your group.

How many people will be in each Small Church?

That depends on your comfort level, and how many people fit in the house! A Small Church can have as few as four members, or as many as 15-20.

Does leading a Small Church also mean hosting it in my home?

Firstly, we strongly recommend you share leadership with another person (or family) of your choice. Trust us: sharing the load this way will make facilitating a gathering enjoyable rather than onerous! So once you’ve chosen your co-leader(s), you can rotate the hosting duties, or keep the gathering consistently in one home. That part is up to you. 🙂

Are children to be included in Small Church?

Absolutely yes. We encourage families with children of similar age to become a small church group, and to explore what it means to worship together as a family. We plan to create the kind of content that will be flexible for any type of gathering, and adjustable for kids!

Do we have to meet on Sundays?

Sunday is already a day set aside to worship, and so for many that will be the best day to meet. But if your group finds another day that suits everyone better, go for it.

Who is responsible for what?

After you choose another person/family to lead with, Cap leaders will help you form micro-churches. Then, we will provide content in the form of videos, scripture passages, and questions to facilitate group discussion.

Small Church group leaders are responsible for extending an initial invitation to others to join their new micro-church. The idea is that your group will convene every other week, with micro-church leaders taking turns facilitating, hosting, and seeking to foster meaningful connections that extend beyond the micro-church gatherings.

What’s next for those who want to lead and host?

  1. Choose another Cap family/person to lead with. 
  2. Decide what kind of Small Church group you want to convene:
    • Family friendly
    • Multi-generational
    • Adults only
    • Special Focus
  3. Reach out to Kim (, and together we will invite a few other Cappers to join you.

CapChurch community meets also in our small group settings “small church.”  

On this page reflection questions, videos and audio resources are available for your small church formations or personal time. 

If you are interested in a small church group, please contact .