Small Church April 16, 2023

Conversation Guide for April 16, 2023

Opener (Pick One)

Share a consolation and desolation from the past week.

Where in your everyday experience are you experiencing the most “life” right now? Where are you experiencing “death”?

Background to today’s Scripture:

The text we will consider today is the same one Andrea and Archie read aloud and that Todd taught from last week. 

Read aloud Matthew 28:1-10
For discussion

What words or details interest you in this story as you hear it this time?

Imaginative Contemplation

You are now invited to have your own encounter in your imagination with the risen Jesus through this scene. Click here to be led to experience this story with your different senses.

Discussion Questions (Pick a few)

What was this contemplative experience like for you? What was good? What was difficult?

What parts of the story stood out to you? What was Jesus like in your imagination? What if anything did Jesus do or say?