When They Become Us – Acts 13


Pick one:

  • Share a consolation and desolation from the past week.
  • Share a life experience of being included and an experience of being excluded. Would you say you have had more experiences of being included or excluded in your life?

Read Scripture

Before watching the video, read Acts 13:38-52 in The Message version, if available.

Watch Video




Pick a few:

  • Name the various extreme reactions to the message of Paul and Barnabas in vv 42-51 of chapter 13. Do you agree with Kim’s reasons for why this message was so controversial and polarizing?
  • Re-read Acts 13:41, a prophecy taken from Habakkuk 1:5. What social/cultural/political divides are you aware of in our world that are causing it to ‘fall to pieces’? How might the Holy Spirit be inviting us as individuals, as a church, as a country to respond?
  • Where in your life are you being made to feel uncomfortable or unsettled at the moment?
  • Where might the Holy Spirit be inviting you into an unlikely friendship to be “discipled by discomfort?”