Winter Series: At Our Core

This winter, Cap Church will be diving deeper into our core values…

At Our Core...

At this particular time in history, it has never been more important for us to understand our identity as a church, and how we are meant to function in the world as followers of Jesus. As we continue to be God’s people together yet apart, we will spend the next month revisiting CapChurch’s core values as a way to anticipate the time when we can be fully together again.

Each of our three foundational values: “Presence, Compassion, Generosity” describe both who God is and what God wants to offer the world through us.



We will spend two weeks on each core value, posting a video one week for discussion and reflection, and talking about that value again briefly during our Sunday morning zoom call the following week:

Jan 10  “Presence Video” for Discussion and Reflection

Week 1 – Video Resource with Kim Pierrot

Week 1 – Resources for Reflection or Discussion

Jan 17  “Presence” talk during Zoom gathering

Jan 24  “Compassion” Video for Discussion and Reflection

Jan 31  “Compassion” talk during Zoom gathering

Feb 7   “Generosity” Video for Discussion and Reflection

Feb 14 “Generosity” talk during Zoom gathering