Job Posting

CapChurch is receiving applications for…

Administration and Communication Assistant (15-20 hours per week)


Working most closely with the Lead Pastor, this person integrates the logistical, digital and administrative aspects of our community, helping us to embody more effectively our core values of Presence, Compassion and Generosity.


To the Governance Team as represented by Kim Pierrot in periodic reviews.

Personal Characteristics

    • You have a genuine Christian faith.
    • You embody our core values of Presence, Compassion, and Generosity.
    • You are a team player who enjoys working with people and contributing to their success.
    • You take initiative, are highly organized and detail-oriented.

Technical Skills

    • Exceptional organizational and communication skills
    • Proven ability to design and implement efficient systems
    • Familiarity with various digital platforms including MailChimp, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook and info management software

Ministry Responsibilities / Priorities

1          All-Church Sunday Operations (about 8 hours, every other week)

      • Overseeing Cap’s use of rented facilities, being familiar with site policies, procedures and rental agreements, acting as liaison through regular communication with facility manager
      • Coordinating setup for Sunday gatherings, ensuring all volunteer teams are well resourced and running smoothly
      • Overseeing filming/recording of All-Church Gathering
      • Coordinating special events as requested

2          Communications (about 5 hours every week)

      • Overseeing production of Cap’s weekly e-newsletter via Mailchimp
      • Overseeing website design and updates, including uploading of videos and All-Church recordings
      • Weekly Social Media posts
      • Producing handouts, promotional material, AGM reports, Friendship Lists as requested

3          CapChurch Hub aka Virtual Office  (about 5 hours a week)

      • Overseeing data management and tracking systems of the church
      • Maintaining computer records, backups and maintenance
      • Responding to phone and email messages
      • Administering CapChurch email addresses
      • Keeping track of passwords to various online accounts
      • Managing and organizing storage locker and/or truck
      • Tracking Crim Rec Checks of all employees and volunteers
      • Administrative support for Lead Pastor, as requested

Depending on where the interests/gifting of the individual and the needs of the community intersect, there are many possibilities for expansion of the role to include work with youth, children, teaching, and Small Church resourcing

Please email CV/resume to .